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The Replacement Of Door Lite Frame Materials

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Door lite frames contain a series of attached plastic rim pieces and a glass sheet that is sandwiched in between each intact frame. The plastic is susceptible to heat absorption. Prolonged heat exposure could crack a plastic frame piece. Ordering replacement materials can be conducted by following the suggestions below.

The Separation Of The Pieces

The plastic rim pieces that comprise a frame are responsible for creating an impenetrable seal around both sides of a glass pane. The rim pieces also add an aesthetical property to a door lite frame. To obtain the proper measurements for new lite frame pieces, the removal of the frame pieces from a door will be necessary.

A series of small screws may have been used to tack down a frame along each side of a door. A power drill can be used to remove the screws. Upon removing the framework from both sides of a door, a glass insert should be taken out of the recessed cutout that it is laying in. If a glazing compound was applied to both sides of a piece of glass, a putty knife can be used to remove it. The glass should be cleaned and dried. 

The Measurements

Each frame should be laid on a flat surface. A measurement of one end of a frame piece to the opposite should be taken. Irregular-shaped frames, such as ones that are rectangular or oblong-shaped, will necessitate that each plastic rim section is measured in entirety. Separating the pieces from each framework will allow you to lay out each piece of a frame and take a separate measurement of each one. The glass pane should also be measured. The measurements should include the length, width, and thickness of a piece of glass.

When ordering new framework pieces, considerations should be taken about the color of the plastic rim pieces. Dark colors will absorb more heat than light colors. To avoid premature damage to a door lite frame, plastic pieces should be a light hue.

Although it is fairly common to paint the framework that surrounds each side of a door lite frame, research about what type of paint product is used should be taken. A paint product that is highly reflective will work best to cover new plastic door lite frame pieces. Paint should be applied evenly to each of the plastic rim pieces. Once the paint has dried, the glass insert and framework can be installed. 

For more information on door lite frames, contact a manufacturer near you.