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How UVM Modified Listeria Enrichment Broth Can Help Your Business

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If you are in the business of processing various meat products that are at-risk of a listeria monocytogenes contamination, then you will want a UVM modified listeria enrichment broth supplier. Modified enrichment broth can help you detect diseases, remain compliant with health food codes and regulations, and offers a more efficient method of bacteria detection.

Prevent Disease

Enrichment is the process of identifying a sample that may or may not have a particular bacteria within it and adding a solution that increases the growth of just one specific bacteria. In this way, you can identify food samples that have a given bacteria, such as listeria, while lowering your risk of other bacteria developing on your sample that could confuse the results. As a food processing business, it's important for testing for specific bacteria to not create any false positives. As such, you will want a listeria enrichment broth for testing food samples, rather than a general enrichment broth for a variety of bacteria.

Remain Compliant

The food production and processing industry plays an important role in public health by reducing the chances of various food-borne illnesses, such as listeria, from infecting food and entering the public/consumer sphere. As such, there are many rules and procedures centered around preventing bacterial infections. As a food processor dealing with various cuts of meat and other products that could develop Listeria bacteria, you have both the responsibility and obligation to regularly test your food products for listeria, as well as other diseases. Enrichment broth is considered the gold standard for said testing.

More Efficient

Finally, UVM modified listeria enrichment broth is a modified version of the original formula, made in 1926, and it's used in place of the original formula because it offers better enrichment for any listeria in food samples. This means that with the same amount of broth, you can better enrich any listeria within food samples, which allows you and your food safety team to better identify it within food samples. This helps keep your food processing and production business more in line with the spirit of health codes, as well as better prevent disease.

If you work in the food industry, especially in the production or processing of meat, then you will need to regularly test food samples for listeria using a listeria enrichment broth. UVM modified listeria enrichment broth offers better growth for any listeria present in a sample, meaning that your business can better help prevent disease and remain compliant under federal food safety regulations.