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Features To Look For In A Metering Pump For Outdoor Agricultural Applications

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Metering pumps take the process of precisely dosing water and other fluids with measurements of certain chemicals and components. In agriculture, this process can be part of everything from irrigating crops to treating water for your livestock. Therefore, metering pumps can be highly important to your agricultural operation. The thing is, picking the best metering pump for the application, especially when the application is outdoors, can be hard. There are several models to choose from and not all of them are designed for outdoor use. Take a look at some of the features to look for in a metering pump for use in outdoor agricultural applications. 

Look for a metering pump with a rugged exterior. 

Depending on the positioning of your metering pump, it can really go through a lot of wear in an agricultural setting outdoors. You may have livestock that will bump against the pump, be in an area that gets a lot of precipitation or even have the pump in the same vicinity as heavy equipment. To make sure the metering pump is capable fo standing up to the harsh environment, look for a unit that has a hard, heavy-duty rugged casing. The unit should be housed in a tough shell that is shatter-resistant and would not easily be compromised. 

Look for a metering pump with totally encapsulated electrical components. 

All electrical components, right down to the power supply cord, should be carefully encapsulated with protective plastics or rugged casing if you will be using the pump outdoors. Exposure to the elements can lead to water damage to the sensitive electrical parts, such as the digital display screen or the small sensors that detect the output of chemical doses. There are a few different ways the parts may be encapsulated. For example, the power cord may lead into the housing, but it will be rightly protected with a seated seal that keeps moisture out. 

Look for a metering pump with chemically resistant housing. 

In the event chemicals get on the hard exterior of your outdoor metering pump, you definitely do not want to be left with a shell that is going to break down or otherwise sustain damage. This kind of weakness in the structure can lead to internal water damage when the pump is situated in an outdoor setting. Therefore, look for a metering pump, such as the LMI Roytronic metering pump, that has a rugged, chemical-resistant housing.