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Three Tips For Preparing For A Winter Storm On A Budget

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Storms can happen during any season, but they are especially significant when they hit during the winter. If your town has been given the warning that a snowstorm will be coming through, you will need to begin to prepare immediately. If you are on a budget, you will have to be a lot more careful and crafty about how you plan. If you have been notified that you are on the heels of a winter storm, here are some tips on how to be totally prepared on a budget. 

Call in for oil delivery first

The first thing that you must do is make sure that your home heating is in good order. If you use COD oil for your home, you will need to call in the order shortly. Often COD oil delivery companies will receive an influx of calls when a storm is about to hit. To be sure that you get oil in a timely fashion and that your home is prepared with enough oil to last for at least a week, you should call in as soon as you catch word of the storm. Ask the company to deliver at least a week's worth of oil and earmark this as the most important expense in your budget. 

Stock food that is easy and cheap

Bread and water often disappear first off of the shelves during a storm warning. Instead of getting food that is popular during a storm, get food that is inexpensive and easy to prepare. Certain fruits such as apples and oranges can be eaten alone and will remain in good condition for up to a week. Items that can be kept near a door or on the porch during the snowstorm, such as pre-made kids lunch kits, are good food options that require no maintenance. Hot chocolate and tea are also good drink choices that can be enjoyed by people of all ages for a low price. 

Pick up robes and inside coats from thrift shops

When you are inside the home during a storm, you can save on electricity and on heating oil by dressing warmly. Stop by a thrift store and get one robe for each person in the family. Sweaters that can be worn comfortably inside without restricting movement are also a good purchase. Getting one for every person in the family will allow you to keep the heating temperature low while remaining comfortable inside during a storm.