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Slab Jacking Can Level A Sinking Slab

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If the concrete slab that your house sits on starts to crack, sink, or fall out of level, it can cause all kinds of problems with your house. Those problems can be a simple as doors and windows that won't open or shut easily. They can also be so severe that they can include roof damage and cracked walls. If your slab is starting to settle, you need to do something about it. What you need to do is to have someone come level your concrete slab for you, using a process called slab jacking

Slab Jacking

Slab jacking may sound like a weird thing, but it's a pretty straight forward thing. A concrete contractor comes out to your house and pumps certain things under your concrete slab That will lift it up, level it back off, and make it harder for it to sink or settle again. 


Slab jacking is a process. The concrete contractor is going to have to be sure that they do everything carefully and precisely. If they do it wrong or too quickly, they could end up doing more damage to the slab and to your house. It's not necessarily a quick process either, depending on how much the slab needs to be adjusted. First, the contractor is going to figure out how out of level your slab is, how much it has sunk, or where all the cracks are. Then they are going to drill a pattern of holes in your slab. Using a hose, they will slowly pump in some liquid. That liquid will lift up the slab and then hold it level. This will be repeated at each hole until the slab is level. 


The liquid that gets pumped in under your slab isn't water. It gets called mud or grout. Because that special mud gets pumped under the slab, slab jacking is sometimes called mud jacking. The liquid can also be an expanding polyurethane foam, which will also support the concrete slab. The med or grout can either be a sand based mix or a lime based mix, both of which can be found in concrete already. Portland cement can be mixed in too, to thicken up the mix and made it stronger. 

If you are worried about your concrete slab sinking, you can contact a concrete contractor and have them come out to evaluate your slab. Slab jacking may be the best option for you.