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Starting Up Your Own Construction Company? 3 Types Of Cranes You Can Buy

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If you are starting up your own construction company you likely need to purchase a crane. This is true if you need to lift heavy things and then move these things to another location. When it comes to buying a crane, you will find different types to choose from. Below are three of these types so you can make the best choice of what would be right for your company.

Truck Mounted Crane

A truck mounted crane is mounted on the truck body. It self propels when the crane is uploading and loading by using a rotating cantilevered boom. This type of crane is generally used to move one heavy item at a time.

Using this crane can save you a lot of money. This is because a truck mounted crane is already mounted and you can start using it immediately. There is also no setup involved. Truck mounted cranes are lighter when compared to traditional cranes.

If you start having problems with the truck the crane is mounted on it is easy to transfer the crane to a different truck. The new truck must be set up properly, however, such as being able to handle the weight of the crane. An engineer can determine this for you.

Tower Crane

You will see tower cranes used on most construction sites, as they are used to construct tall buildings. Depending on the tower crane you purchase it can reach hundreds of feet and can lift heavy tons.

This type of crane is fixed to the ground on the construction site. A concrete base is first poured and then the crane is anchored to the concrete using large and sturdy bolts. This allows the construction company to easily move the crane when the construction job is finished.

A tower crane can be expensive, however. For this reason, you have the option to lease or rent a tower crane until you are finished with the construction project. This is especially helpful because a tower crane is difficult to move around to different construction sites.

Rough Terrain Crane

A rough terrain crane is needed if your construction site is off road or where there is any rough terrain. This crane is a type of hydraulic crane. The crane is self-propelled and mounted on an undercarriage. The undercarriage has wheels specifically designed to handle the weight of the crane and to drive on rough terrain easily. Outriggers are also installed on the base of the undercarriage to stabilize the crane while it is working. As a rough terrain crane is easily moved from one project to another.

This type of crane is generally used when building bridges, as well as for large construction projects.

Talk with a crane dealer to learn more about these cranes, as well as other types you may need. You can also check out sites like for more information.