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What to Know About Using an Air Compressor

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Air compressors power a number of routinely used tools. Unfortunately, many people don't understand the steps that need to be followed when using one of these tools. 

Pre-Use Inspection

Prior to each time you use the air compressor, it is important to perform a basic safety inspection of the system. Air compressors can generate substantial pressures and frictions. As a result, failing to inspect the air compressor can allow these forces to cause extreme damages to the system and possibly injure you.

To protect your air compressor against these issues, you should make sure to check the oil levels during this inspection. Also, you will need to make sure that the clamps that hold the air hoses in place are secured. The pressure on the air hose and the vibrations generated by the air compressor can cause these clamps to loosen. Over the course of operation, the system will create substantial amounts of condensation, which will collect in a pan at the bottom of the system. Prior to turning on the air compressor, you should ensure that this pan has been emptied and cleaned so that the system will not be at risk flooding.

Safety Equipment to Wear When Using an Air Compressor

Like many other tools, it is important to follow some tips when it comes to your attire while operating an air compressor. In particular, you should ensure that you are not wearing any clothing items that are loose as they may become trapped in the moving parts of the compressor's motor. Also, you may want to invest in protective eyewear. The force of the compressed air may cause debris to become airborne, and these particles can cause serious damage if they strike your eyes. While protective eyewear may not be the most comfortable thing to wear, keeping your eyes safe from this type of damage is a worthwhile endeavor.

If you are needing to use an air compressor, it is important to be aware of the steps that you should be taken to ensure safety. Otherwise, you may find that you are at a greater risk of encountering some potentially serious problems. By knowing the risks that can come from operating an air compressor without first performing a comprehensive inspection as well as the type of attire that you should wear, you will be better able to make sure your experience using an air compressor goes smoothly. Check out sites like to learn more.