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Shipping Advice For Virus Transport Media

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Transport media is very important when viruses are tested. Samples can be placed in transport media and shipped to labs where they're further analyzed. If you're involved in shipping this type of virus transport media, these tips are important to know.

Verify That Samples are Inside

Regardless of how many virus transport media materials you end up having to ship to labs, you need to verify that samples are inside them. Then you can be sure sending them off to the appropriate testing site is going to have a purpose.

Whereas if you spot some virus transport media that is absent of samples, you can put their shipping on hold for the time being. You can give the media back to the source where samples can be provided. Then you can send these media materials to the appropriate testing site.

Make Sure Samples are Appropriate

In addition to checking virus transport media for samples, you need to verify that they are proper. That's going to help you and patients avoid a lot of complications when the samples are tested at a lab. There should be a protocol listed that describes what types of samples are appropriate and which ones aren't.

You just need to look over this list and memorize it so that when you go to inspect the virus transport media, you can make sure patients followed the correct sample protocol. That will make their tests accurate and relevant to what they're looking to find out in relation to viruses. 

Stabilize Transport Media

You don't want virus transport media being exposed to a lot of movement and vibrations during shipping because then they are more likely to be damaged. Then the samples can become contaminated, potentially causing safety hazards if the samples are indeed positive for a virus strain.

You need to find a way to stabilize the virus transport media before it goes through shipping. You may need to purchase specialized transport carriers that have a lot of padding and house each media tube separately. This way, there isn't a lot of movement that could cause damage to the virus transport media.

Samples that are being tested for viruses need to be handled and shipped with extreme care, which is what virus transport media can help with. You just need to make sure you take the right shipping procedures if you have a role where you'll be handling media containing samples that could be positive for a virus. 

If you have more questions, reach out to a business that supplies virus or COVID 19 transport media.